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Welcome to the
National Association of Retired Sears Employees!

The purpose of this website is to enhance the services we provide to our members. We've provided a number of resources here to help keep you informed of news, events, allow discussions, and suggest improvements to our member services.


Can Sears Holdings Afford to Drop Ivanka Trump?
Feb. 20, 2017

Can Eddie Lampert Save Sears Holdings?
Feb. 16, 2017

Sears Holdings: Member Sales And Online Sales Are Declining
Feb. 15, 2017

Retail CEO says Trump meeting 'productive,' despite worries over border tax idea
Feb. 15, 2017

Sears & Kmart Remove 31 Trump Items from Online Product Offerings
Feb. 12, 2017

Sears Holdings Aims To Cut $1 Billion In Costs
Feb. 11, 2017

Sears to cut value of its name by at least $350 million
Feb. 10, 2017

Sears soars nearly 20% on restructuring plans
Feb. 10, 2017

Sears details survival strategy
Feb. 10, 2017

More bad news for department store sector - from Moody's
Feb. 9, 2017

Investors reach $40 million settlement in Sears real estate deal
Feb. 9, 2017

Sears' Mounting Debt Load Signals New Financial Stress
Feb. 7, 2017


Breaking News

Stanley Black & Decker's Purchase of Craftsman From Sears May Have No True Winners
Feb. 1, 2017

Sears Holdings Sells Some Of Its Top Remaining Stores At CBL Malls
Feb. 1, 2017

Willis Tower set for $500 million upgrade
Feb. 1, 2017

Sears: A great American tragedy nears its end
Jan. 30, 2017

Macy's sells chocolate brand
Jan. 30, 2017

Sears: The 19th Century Amazon
Jan. 28, 2017

Children's apparel retailer on the hunt for a new CEO
Jan. 27, 2017

Chief merchant of Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor leaves for exec role at Stein Mart
Jan. 26, 2017

Here's Why Sears Holdings Corp. Screamed to a New Post-Merger Low
Jan. 26, 2017

Why J.C. Penney's Holiday Sales Decline Was Worse than It Looks
Jan. 25, 2017

Fitch Affirms Sears Holdings at 'CC'; Downgrades Senior Unsecured Notes to 'C/RR6'
Jan. 25, 2017

CEO of women's apparel chain out in abrupt departure
Jan. 24, 2017

Retails Face Rising Shutdowns as Losses Mount (M, SHLD)
Jan. 24, 2017

Analysis: Walmart should focus on its customers to succeed, not try to copy Amazon
Jan. 24, 2017

Sears to replace employee discount program with new points program
Jan. 21, 2017

Mall's Woes Ripple Across Small Town
Jan. 20, 2017

Texas to gain another Amazon fulfillment center
Jan. 19, 2017

Richmond Heights and Akron Sears stores closing this March will cut 178 jobs
Jan. 19, 2017

Sears taps AI to sell tires
Jan. 19, 2017

J.C. Penney's latest in-store partner is...
Jan. 17, 2017

Sears Clings to Catalog Thinking in an Online World
Jan. 17, 2017

Sears Holdings Buys Itself Another Year
Jan. 17, 2017

Sears Holdings CEO Has Put Up $1 Billion Of His Money Over The Past Two Years In An Effort To Keep Company Afloat
Jan. 16, 2017

These 3 Deals Show Just How Desperate Sears Holdings Is
Jan. 14, 2017

Sears is 'one sick puppy,' and there may be no remedy
Jan. 14, 2017

Retail Sales Figures Bear Out America's Online Shopping Shift
Jan. 14, 2017

Survey: Shopping in stores a 'chore' for many consumers
Jan. 13, 2017

Importance Of Knowing Your Investment Boundaries (Sears Mini-Case Study)
Jan. 13, 2017

Is It Time To Short Sears?
Jan. 12, 2017

Amazon to create more than 100,000 full-time jobs in the next 18 months
Jan. 12, 2017

Teen apparel retailer reopens 500-plus stores
Jan. 11, 2017

J.C. Penney anticipating store closures, but emphasizes importance of brick and mortar
Jan. 11, 2017

Chain's Demise Is a Sign of the Times
Jan. 11, 2017

Is Sears CEO Lampert's lifeboat in danger of sinking, too?
Jan. 11, 2017

Inside Sears' death spiral: How an iconic American brand has been driven to the edge of bankruptcy
Jan. 8, 2017

After a harrowing holiday season, struggling department stores reach a 'tipping point'
Jan. 7, 2017

Top Baby-Boomer Shopping Habits Retailers Can't Afford to Ignore
Jan. 6, 2017

Department stores become endangered as Sears, Macy's struggle - Is the core business viable?
Jan. 6, 2017

'We have fallen short': More losses for Sears
Jan. 5, 2017

Lampert's latest bid to prop up Sears: Sell Craftsman
Jan. 5, 2017

Are Malls Secretly Hoping Sears Holdings Goes Bankrupt?
Jan. 4, 2017

Warren Buffett predicted the fall of Eddie Lampert and Sears over 10 years ago
Jan. 2, 2017

How Bad Is Sears Holdings' Debt Problem?
Dec. 30, 2016

Sears lines up more credit from its CEO
Dec. 29, 2016

Charleston Town Center anchor Sears to close
Dec. 28, 2016

Why Sears hasn't survived so far vs. Amazon, but JCPenney has
Dec. 26, 2016

After 20 Straight Quarterly Losses, Sears Holdings Is All but Dead
Dec. 23, 2016

J.C. Penney test deeper dive into appliances
Dec. 22, 2016

The first retail bankruptcy of 2017 could be...
Dec. 21, 2016

Retailers and their customers benefit from a robust enterprise network
Dec. 21, 2016

Five Reasons Social Retailing Will Explode in 2017
Dec. 20, 2016

Sears Holdings Corp Surges to All-Time Low, Is Now Worst Performer
Dec. 20, 2016

Sears Transformed America. It Deserves to Die With Dignity.
Dec. 16, 2016

How Amazon's Transportation Plans Could Impact Retailers
Dec. 15, 2016

Sears' N.C. call center closure results in 325 layoffs
Dec. 15, 2016

Sears and me: A debt that's impossible to repay
Dec. 14, 2016

Sears -- The Demise Of A Battleship
Dec. 12, 2016

Dec. 10, 2016 removes certain products with Hindu deity image
Dec. 10, 2016

Sears Holdings' Survival Plan Involves Closures, Layoffs, Selling Brands
Dec. 9, 2016

Things getting worse at Sears as Q3 loss widens on sliding sales
Dec. 8, 2016

Commentary: Sears like Titanic, 'looks set to sink'
Dec. 8, 2016

Sears: After $750M Quarterly Loss, The Longest Unofficial Liquidation Sale In History Continues
Dec. 8, 2016

Lowe's looks to evolve with customer
Dec. 7, 2016

Investors just got another sign that Sears is doomed
Dec. 6, 2016

How Macy's and Sears may invite other retailers to take their spaces
Dec. 4, 2016

Sears is on the brink of catastrophe as stores closures loom and top execs flee the company
Dec. 3, 2016

Eddie Lampert proposes to buy further stake in Sears Hometown
Dec. 2, 2016

Mnuchin, Tapped for Treasury Secretary, Leaves CIT and Sears Boards
Dec. 2, 2016

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