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2007 News Archives

Archived articles and news of interest from 2007 for our Narse members.

Streaming Video's of 10th Annual Meeting
The Sears Atlanta Retiree BIG CLUB hosted NARSE's historic 10th Annual Meeting in Atlanta last August. Special thanks goes to Sandy Wheeler, President of the Big Club, and Ken Winkler, the club's Entertainment Chairman for making this event a memorable experience.

For those unable to attend this meeting, a 49-minute, "Highlights from NARSE's 10th Annual Meeting", DVD is now available.
You can also view this video online by clicking on the four chapters below. Or, if you want your own personal copy, contact Ron Olbrysh at 630-613-9039 or at cro922@comcast.net. The nominal charge is $10.

If you click on one of the following links for online viewing, please note that it may take over a minute for the video to buffer before it begins to play on your computer.

Part I - Meeting Start & Chairman's Introduction
Part II - Art Levin's Presentation
Part III - Keynote Speaker, Bob Romasco
Part IV - Dick Gregory



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